Wine is the Best Christmas Gift

Wine is the Best Christmas Gift. Any home that hosts social gatherings, be them quaint little get togethers, shindigs, or hootenannies, needs a well stocked bar. It’s what keeps the festivities alive, the guests coming, and the stories interesting. Having the perfect home bar – and having the right liquor, wines, and spirits in it- is one of the prides of being the host. But, this responsibility also something that can be taken upon by the guest. A polite guest always comes to a party with a gift in hand.

The best wine gift

A finely chosen bottle of wine, such as the Alexander the Great Cabernet Sauvignon, from Liquors Galore can liven any night. This dry wine has an alluring aroma of blackberries, ripe cherries and tobacco. It has a full-bodied, port-like flavor with a powerful but not overwhelming fruit infusion. It hails from Israel and provides an excellent blend for your palette.

It’s a delicious red wine sure to please the host and guest alike. It’s a great selection because this is a wine with the ability to age and develop in the bottle. Because it is a Cabernet Sauvignon it can be paired with Ahi Tuna and other black peppered meals. charred and grilled foods do well to balance the tannins. Be sure to pick up a wine bottle as best Christmas gift, before you head to that lovely dinner party.